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what is cowpigchicken?

After working twenty years as a chef in hotels, fine dining, cafe’s, pubs and government institutions, I needed to take my love of food to a different level.
While holidaying in Edinburgh, I frequented
Oink!, a small back street eatery that cooked a whole pig every day. They would cut the meat straight of the carcass and serve it with fresh bread and sauces. When the pig ran out, they closed for the day.
I loved the simplicity of that. So I modernised that concept and brought it home.
That’s how I started selling slow cooked rolls with sous vide meats at my local Farmers Market.
As a chef and a fanatical foodie, the method of sous vide cooking is still exciting. An entire way of cooking was introduced to us a while ago yet it is still considered a new technique. With it, almost parallel to it’s presence, came the Modernist Cuisine movement.
Molecular Gastronomy gave chefs another way to cook and customers a new way to eat. It’s so refreshing to see original concepts, equipment and the boom of social media all directly affecting restaurants and the kitchen’s that run them.
It’s never been a better time to be a chef.

Thomas Hancock
Owner, CowPigChicken
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I’m just a cook.
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