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Foodie What it Takes to Make It …

The pinnacle of most chefs careers is Michelin Star related. It involves long hours and lean pay although the work itself would be incredibly satisfying.

Must Volkoff ft. Sonnyjim
Chef Whites

Explicit Lyrics.
Not for everyone, but it was so cool to have a serious song involving not only a chef but prep, service and lack of staff.
This guys from Melbourne

Some food blogger
Dining @ The Fat Duck

This shows the performance and showmanship needed to work at the Fat Duck. All the staff are involved in setting the scene, while the food transforms peoples opinions about food.

XiaoLawl -
Minecraft Chef

Ever wanted to learn the skills it takes to master creating culinary masterpieces on the biggest game ever made?
This video proves how essential it is to have someone with cooking knowledge around, especially if you spawn at night in a forest full of mobs.
Jason Andrews - All 4 Adventure
With the measurements ‘a bit of this and ‘about that much’, and the perfect theme song, Jase creates some original dishes from whatever’s lying around. This is what cookings supposed to be.
Sven Elverfeld Aqua Restaurant during service
The last ten years or so have really opened kitchens up to the public. Anyone with a phone can film a service at a good restaurant and put it out for the public to see.

Alina Restaurant
in 24 Hours

There is so much happening here! This was a great way to promote the restaurant and it was one of those videos that was pulled up on a phone during a slow service and shown to the kitchen staff. It highlights how many people are involved at Alinea.

Modernist Cuisine
The Ultimate Hamburger

This organisation is doing a fantastic job of explaining and feeding everyone with food knowledge. Between their books, videos, lectures and huge social media presence they are the modern day Larousse Gastronomic.

How to Cook Pork Belly Raymond Blanc

Raymond Blanc was one of the best chefs for his time. He explained the how’s and why’s of cooking better than anyone. He worked with scientists to help educate people in cooking.
This is a great example of why sous vide can give you an easier, juicier and more consistent result.
Leave the gun. Take the cannoli.
Clemenza, The Godfather