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Heston Blumenthal In Search of Perfection

This is the show that really introduced the public to Molecular Gastronomy. Heston did a great job showing exactly how much science is involved in cooking.

Gordon Ramsay Kitchen Nightmares

This is Ramsay at his honest best. A lot of chefs need this talk somewhere in their career.

National Geographic People Worlds Best Chefs

If hearing a chefs philosophy about completing the triangular nature of food and feeding peoples souls with their talents, this show for you. One of the best shows on now.

Swedish Chef The Muppet Show

This is still what a lot of people think chefs do all day. This guy is probably the most imitated voice in a kitchen.

Gordon Ramsay Boiling Point

Boiling Point was the mecca of television shows in kitchens during the 2000’s. He was a brilliant young chef and his temper back then was real and cruel.

Harley Morenstein Epic Meal Time

This show goes so far off the rails in years to come it’s epic. Easily one of the most original cooking show. Combining fast foods and drinking with Jack Daniels never looked so fun.

Keith Floyd Far Flung Floyd

Drunk, shirtless and outside, the late Keith Floyd’s show was as entertaining and raw as they come. As things smash and fall over, you can hear the cameraman laugh.

The River Cottage

This show was great because it’s filmed in a kitchen, during prep and service time. Jamie Oliver appears to the world for the first time, doing what he does best.
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